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Welcome once again to and we are glad to have you here. Please note that it is of paramount importance that you read our privacy policy because once signed up, it indicates that you have accepted all the contents within this policy! Also, you are advised to review these policies as often as possible to ensure that you continue to comply with them.

Cookies: 365chat uses cookies to maximize the convenience of utilizing the site. These record basic session details such as your username, browser, password and user id to keep you logged in to the site. No information is passed on to third parties or used for any purpose other than to provide you with an easy experience. By using this site, you give consent to cookies recording the aforementioned information.
Email of Account holder: Your email address is very important and will be stored for verifying you as a permissible user, verifying your identity in case you need to change your password, allowing members of the staff team to view your email address in your profile, and sending you pivotal site messages occasionally e.g. for your birthday, or important site update. You may remove your email address from the database at any time by editing your profile via Settings, however, please note that by doing this it may not be possible for us to reset your password should you forget it.
date of birth of account holders: Your date of birth is also important and is stored for the following reasons: verifying your age is legitimate under the terms and conditions of this site, displaying your name and age in the public birthday list and sending you an automated greeting both on-site and email on your birthday, and displaying your legitimate age in your profile. Also, You can remove your date of birth from the database at any time by simply editing your profile via Settings.
Your username: Should you choose to add it when editing your profile, your real name will be stored for the sole purpose of adding your name automatically to emails you send via our send email service. You may remove your name from the database at any time by editing your profile again via Settings.
Disclaimer notice: Since we have already provided a number of features to secure you and your data, any personal information you choose to share about yourself with other members on this site, either through public or private features, is entirely your responsibility, and accepts no liability for any issues arising from such actions. Conversely, any information you share will not be used by 365chat for any purposes other than the services we provide to you on this site.

Please note that the site owners are free to change these policies at any point in time.
If you have any concerns or queries regarding our privacy policy, you can contact our online staff members.


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