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    !You must be 18 or older before you can join this site, any person found being younger will immediately be blocked
    !posts containing racism, spamming, flooding, adult content (excluding smilies), hacking will be deleted immediately, and the posters will get warned or banned
    !discriminating, posting off topics, posting useless posts (smilies only or one word posts), and free posting results to staff to delete the posts, then substracting Points and a ban in some cases
    !Registering more than one nickname, could result in all your accounts being deleted
    !Never give your username and password to anyone
    !Faking your information (like age, sex, location etc..) just to gain access to hidden forums and other content in here, could result in you being banned, or getting a warning at least
    !harassment and racism will result in a ban for 7 days minimum without a warning, and month's permanent IP-Ban if this behavior continues
    !Bumping topics (keep posting in them by the author of the topic just to keep it in first page) will cause these topics to be deleted and the penalty could vary between warning, substracting Points, or even a ban
    !You can only speak in english on this site, this includes all the chatrooms except (International and the languages board) but you are free to create your own chatroom and club in any language
    !No fake profile. You are only allowed to have one profile. If you lost your password, kindly reset it.
    !The most important rule is to have fun here and enjoy your stay ;)

    Remeber, these rules were made for protecting you before protecting us, if you think they are a little restrictive then ask any online staff member(only if you logged in), Thank you so much


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