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    365chat Terms And Conditions

    ! To join this site, you must be 18 years or older. Any member found to be younger will immediately be deleted and blocked.
    ! It is prohibited to make posts containing spamming, racism, flooding, adult content, insults about religion, politics, ethics and hacking. The perpetrator of such posts will be permanently banned with immediate effect!
    ! Discriminating posts, posting off topics, and posting useless posts will be immediately deleted, and as a result, depending on the severity of the violation, points will be taken away or in some cases, result in banning!
    ! Having more than one accounts will result in all your accounts being deleted
    ! Never share your username and password with anyone, not even the staff members
    ! Refrain from uploading photos from other sites with their watermark, as this is a form of spamming and will result in immediate banning.
    ! Impersonating a member to access the contents of this website could result in your account being banned!
    ! Harassment and racism will result in an immediate ban without warning, and if this behavior persists, permanent blockage
    ! The most important rule is to have fun, enjoy your stay here, and be sure to invite all your friends to
    ! Attempting to place malicious files and links or videos and images about executions, child pornography, etc. will result in permanent banning.

    These terms and conditions were made for protecting our most important asset, you our members. However, if you are not clear with anything or have any issues regarding them, kindly contact any online staff member for assistance.


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